Canelo is a new kind of publisher.

Digitally first and technologically literate, but with a genuine passion for great writing and gripping stories, we aim to be Europe's leading digital publisher. Founded with my colleagues Iain Millar and Nick Barreto in early 2015, we focus on quality ebooks. To date we have had six No.1 Kindle category bestsellers, five books in the overall Kindle Top 100 charts, iBooks Books of the Weeks, coverage for our books in major broadsheets and on TV and radio and numerous books successfully in significant promotions. 

We work hard on every book we publish: editing the book, including structural work, copy edits and proof read; commissioning the best designers to produce extraordinary, eye catching and successful cover images; refining the copy and metadata to optimise the book for sale; hand-coding the ebook files in house and distributing ourselves; working closely with retailers on promotions; going through our marketing checklist on each title, which includes building author and book websites and a guaranteed ad spend on every book. 

The company has three guiding principles: 

1.) Fairness - we believe writers should have a better deal. To that end we work with short licence periods and split all revenues 50/50 with the author from the moment revenue comes in. 

2.) Simplicity - by embracing the latest technology and the most up to date methods to make publishing a less complex and more effective practice. 

3.) Growth - we believe in growing the business, and above all, doing absolutely everything possible to grow our author's sales. 

Have a look at the full list of books we have published here: