Apps and digital publishing 

80 Days

An incredible project from the brilliant inkle studios, with critical acclaim and great commercial success. An Editor's Choice, as well as game of the year in numerous publications. 


Incredible Numbers

A fantastic app produced in partnership with Touch Press and written by Professor Ian Stewart - an in depth and interactive exploration of the remarkable nature of numbers.



Again created with inkle studios and this time written by Dave Morris, this was one of the first apps to take interactive storytelling to a new level. 



Additionally projects include: 

  • Getting the first books in the App Store with Lexcycle Stanza
  • An early Facebook application with Benrik
  • Apps for the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Just My Type 
  • A game for the New Scientist in partnership with Six to Start 
  • An alternate reality game around the novel Far South 
  • Am interactive version of the bestselling Decision Book in partnership with Cognician